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I know you can create an index on a field in a hstore column. I know you can also create a GIN index on a array column. But what is the syntax to create an index on an hstore array? e.g. CREATE. I imported a large area of OpenStreetMap's planet.osm file into a postgresql database. The database contains a table called nodes. Each node has a geometry column called geom and a hstore column ca. HStore Tweet. Note: With the release of Postgres 9.4 and JSONB, in most cases it becomes a better approach than simply HStore. For a more in depth comparisson you can check out this post by Citus Data. What is it. HStore is a key value store within Postgres. You can use it similar to how you would use a dictionary within another language, though it's specific to a column on a row. PostgreSQL has several index types: B-tree, Hash, GiST, SP-GiST, GIN, and BRIN. Each index type uses a different storage structure and algorithm to cope with different kinds of queries. When you use the CREATE INDEX statement without specifying the index type, PostgreSQL uses B-tree index type by default because it is best fit the most common. CREATE INDEX idx_table_hstore ON table hstore->'a' and one index for each, but the performance is the same as having no index at all. As far as I understand GIN/GIST indexes wouldn't make much sense since the column is pretty large and doesn't need geometric operators I may be wrong on that one.

This is a case where I think Hstore and the way PostgreSQL has it implemented works pretty nicely. Side note: one of the new features of PostgreSQL 9.4 is improved GIN indexes faster and smaller which is very often used with hstore data and the new jsonb type. Perhaps one of the best parts of hstore is that you can index on it. In particular Postgres gin and gist indexes allow you to index all keys and values within an hstore. A talk by Christophe Pettus of PgExperts actually highlights some performance details of hstore with indexes. CREATE INDEX hidx ON testhstore USING GIST h; CREATE INDEX hidx ON testhstore USING GIN h; hstoreはまた、=演算子向けにbtreeまたはhashインデックスをサポートします。 これによりhstoreの列をUNIQUEと宣言すること、また、GROUP BY、ORDER BY、DISTINCTの式で使用することができます。. F.16. hstore. 这个模块实现了hstore数据类型,在单个 PostgreSQL 值中存储一组键/值对。 这在不同的场景中是有用的,如很少检查带有许多属性的行,或半结构化的数据。.

F.16. hstore. 这个模块实现了hstore数据类型用来在一个单一 PostgreSQL 值中存储键值对。这在很多情景下都有用,例如带有很多很少被检查的属性的行或者半结构化数据。. SELECT DISTINCT with skeys should work here, but I don't understand how to create index. Find most relavent values for fixed key autocomplete feature. But seems like gin_trgm_ops can create index only on value not on value for fixed keys. Also, maybe it can be a good idea to change the hstore with jsonb, but I don't see why it can be more.

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